TT022 How to find specific and relevant lesson ideas online (Something Borrowed)

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There are so many wonderful teaching resources online, but with so much stuff out there, it’s difficult to find what speaks to your teaching style and fits with your curriculum. Michelle and Colin give suggestions for where to look to find relevant, useful material to get inspired and save time planning your lessons.

Show Notes:

  • Segment: Tactic Time [1:10]
  • How these tips will work for you no matter your subject, teaching standards, or learning outcomes [1:33]
  • Check your standards or curriculum documents and websites for lesson ideas [2:15]
  • Ask helping teachers or support teachers in your district [3:10]
  • Get lesson ideas from other teacher websites for lesson ideas, unit timing ideas, and more [4:58]
  • Search “subject name + your city + classroom” to find teacher websites [5:53]
  • Check teacher website directories on school websites [7:38]
  • (Obviously, don’t steal material – give attribution or use it as inspiration) [8:18]
  • Segment: Your Homework [9:22]
  • Segment: Listener Question [10:13]
  • What to include on your teacher resume – and what kind of language to use [10:20]
  • Segment: Potent Quotables [12:42]
  • Send us your teaching questions! (Write us at [13:33]
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