TT020 How to fit in volunteering, coaching, and extracurriculars (Extra Credit)

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Volunteering your time outside of class is a rewarding and enjoyable experience – but it also takes a lot of time. Colin and Michelle discuss some unique ways you can give back to your school community, and offer four suggestions for how you can get involved without taking up all of your personal time.

Show Notes:

  • Segment: Tactic Time [1:16]
  • Michelle and Colin’s first volunteer experience – and why yours was probably the same too! [1:32]
  • The expectation is often that new teachers volunteer lots of their time [3:38]
  • Five different ways to get involved at your school [4:12]
  • Four ways to get involved that don’t require a ton of time [5:57]
  • Split responsibilities to take part without as big of a commitment [8:00]
  • Why it’s important (and okay) to say no [9:10]
  • Segment: Your Homework [9:45]
  • Segment: Listener Question [10:18]
  • Be authentic with your choices of extracurricular activities – what can you do that others can’t? [11:14]
  • Segment: Potent Quotables [13:18]
  • Send us your teaching questions! (Write us at [14:22]
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