TT018 Successful parent-teacher interviews (Meet the Parents)

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Meeting the parents (of your students) doesn’t need to be nerve-wracking! Michelle and Colin discuss all the positive aspects of parent-teacher interviews, and talk about what you should prepare beforehand and how you can make the most of the meeting.

Show Notes:

  • Segment: Tactic Time [1:15]
  • Why parent-teacher interviews are (almost) always good) [1:29]
  • Michelle’s first parent-teacher interview experience [2:08]
  • The four things to bring to parent-teacher conference [3:00]
  • How to work with marks-focused parents [4:30]
  • Why math teachers have a tough time at parent-teacher conferences [6:13]
  • The importance of knowing each student’s name before meeting parents [6:47]
  • The two things to know about each student before the interview [8:20]
  • How to work with concerned parents and get them on your side [8:38]
  • The importance of positivity when talking to parents [9:37]
  • Don’t forget the student volunteers at parent-teacher night! [13:00]
  • Always be selling! Tell parents about other courses in your department [13:20]
  • Segment: Your Homework [14:24]
  • Put together your parent-teacher package! [14:30]
  • Segment: Listener Question [14:59]
  • How to handle a parent who questions your teaching ability [15:35]
  • Segment: Potent Quotables [18:45]
  • Send us your teaching questions! (Write us at [19:35]
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