TT016 Three Quiet Games (Quiet Time)

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Students like games, and teachers like quiet: quiet games are a win-win, a fun way to calm your classes. Michelle and Colin talk about their three favourite quiet games in case you need a break from a noisy classroom. They also go through extensions to each game so you can play them multiple times throughout the year.

Show Notes:

  • Segment: Tactic Time [1:08]
  • Game #1: Picnic [1:44]
  • Game #2: Silent Corners [4:45]
  • Game #3: In a Minute [6:53]
  • Segment: Your Homework [9:18]
  • Segment: Potent Quotables [9:46]
  • Why it’s a good thing if students find out your first name [10:40]
  • Send us your teaching questions! (Write us at [11:14]
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