TT014 Five Customizable Lesson Hooks (Off the Hooks)

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A hook (or “anticipatory set”) is a great way to get students engaged…but it’s tough to keep coming up with new, creative ideas for hooks. Michelle and Colin go over five creative and customizable ways to start your classes to get your students curious, interested, and excited about your lesson material.

Show Notes:

  • Segment: Tactic Time [1:10]
  • Why you should be using lesson hooks [1:33]
  • Hook idea #1 [2:22]
  • Hook idea #2 [5:30]
  • Hook idea #3 [6:50]
  • Hook idea #4 [9:07]
  • Colin’s YouTube channel with funny educational music videos: [10:08]
  • Hook idea #5 [11:42]
  • Segment: Your Homework [13:10]
  • Segment: Potent Quotables [14:14]
  • Robert Frost, quail shot, and teaching [14:30]
  • Send us your favourite lesson hooks! (Write us at [15:25]
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