TT012 Why you should be using rubrics (Mark by Numbers)

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This week is all about rubrics. Colin and Michelle take a closer look into rubrics: why they’re so useful as an evaluation tool for your assignments or projects, how you can make them quickly, and examples of rubrics in action.

Show Notes:

  • Download our new PDF: 44 Ways to Check for Understanding at [0:56]
  • Segment: Tactic Time [1:31]
  • What is a rubric and what is it good for? [1:47]
  • What should you include in a rubric? [2:08]
  • Why rubrics are so useful for you and your students [3:08]
  • How to save time when making rubrics [4:45]
  • Create free rubrics at or [4:49]
  • Why leaving personal comments are still important – refer to TT011 for suggestions for giving feedback [5:49]
  • Michelle’s 3 Ps strategy for giving feedback on rubrics [06:24]
  • The value of a “catch-all” category in your rubrics [06:49]
  • The ideal alternative to rubrics [8:03]
  • How to make your rubric as clear as possible for your students [8:55]
  • Rubric resources: [9:32]
  • Segment: Your Homework (how to apply this week’s tactic) [9:41]
  • Segment: Potent Quotables [10:23]
  • Colin’s recent huge mistake when scheduling projects (try to avoid this!) [11:09]
  • Like what you heard? Leave us a review on iTunes, or send a teaching question to [12:11]
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