TT009 How to quickly make a useful unit plan (Create Your Blueprint)

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What’s in your unit plan? Colin and Michelle outline the four essentials of a useful unit plan, and give three tips for how to best take advantage of your well-laid plans.

Show Notes:

  • Segment: Tactic Time [0:51]
  • How to create a unit plan can be a quick and effective way to guide your courses [1:37]
  • Unit plan element #1, especially important if you’re creating your own course content [1:46]
  • Unit plan element #2, and why this is the hardest part for newer teachers [2:40]
  • Unit plan element #3, with some examples [3:53]
  • Unit plan element #4, with an important distinction [4:30]
  • Why it’s helpful to keep your unit plan brief [5:47]
  • How to keep your unit plan fluid and flexible [6:42]
  • Why it’s important to stick to your unit plan (and when you should improvise) [7:12]
  • The advantages of sharing your unit plan with your students [8:04]
  • The big re-cap of our unit plan tips from this podcast [8:57]
  • Segment: Potent Quotables [9:20]
  • Have Colin and Michelle actually never laminated anything?! [10:21]
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