TT007 How to use engaging assignments to eliminate behavior issues (A Very Long Engagement)

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The best defence is a good offence: Colin and Michelle discuss three simple ways to increase student engagement in your class, which improves motivation and reduces the need to resort to negative discipline.

Show Notes:

  • Segment: Tactic Time [0:47]
  • The simple twelve-word sentence that encapsulates this tactic [1:28]
  • Why the strength of this tactic has been right in front of your nose this whole time [1:41]
  • Our first strategy for getting student engagement [2:36]
  • Why high stakes assignments work so well for engagement [3:39]
  • How to raise the stakes with your assignments [4:31]
  • Our second strategy for getting student engagement [5:43]
  • The maximum amount of time you should spend lecturing [5:49]
  • Head to to get our Starter Kit, with examples of brain breaks [7:16]
  • Our third strategy for getting student engagement [7:30]
  • Examples of student-centered activity variety [7:54]
  • Tactic re-cap (and an attempted rhyme that…almost works!) [8:33]
  • Segment: Potent Quotables [9:03]
  • Why to avoid the “expert gap” when teaching [9:44]
  • Like what you’ve heard? Review us on iTunes, take our 2-minute survey, or send us a teaching question to [11:03]
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