TT005 The best desk placements for classroom management (The Danger Zone)

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Are you taking full advantage of your classroom layout? Colin and Michelle talk about the benefits and drawbacks of different styles of desk placement, and then explain why different types of teacher movement are so important for classroom management.

Show Notes:

  • Segment: Tactic Time [0:56]
  • The goal of desk placement in your room [1:52, 5:46]
  • Check the Teacher Tactics website for images of desktop placement [3:21]
  • Why not to use a row placement [3:29]
  • The drawbacks but occasional value of single desk placement [4:11]
  • The great aspects of the ‘Split C’ or ‘cut up banana’ placement [5:58]
  • When to use the radial pods placement [6:20]
  • What to do if your desks are bolted to the ground [8:28]
  • Why standing up can be a great way to do groupwork [9:18]
  • Why it’s valuable for you as the teacher to move around (no matter your desk placement) [10:11]
  • Story time: Michelle’s high school teacher’s unique movement pattern [11:22]
  • Story time: Psychological conditioning and teacher position [11:53]
  • The value of variety with your desk placements[12:30]
  • Segment: Potent Quotables [13:58]
  • Why student-focused lessons beat teacher-focused lessons [14:52]
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Desk Placement Options:


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