TT001 How to set the right tone with your classes in September (Your Home Tour)

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In the first session of the Teacher Tactics podcast, Colin and Michelle discuss ways to set the right tone with your classes as you start the year in September.

Show Notes:

  • What are Colin and Michelle’s teaching backgrounds? [0:48]
  • Why we started this podcast [2:01]
  • Why your first year of teaching is more difficult than your practicum [2:46]
  • Segment: Tactic Time [3:26]
  • Why students in your classroom are like guests in your home [4:21]
  • The two ways to start the school year successfully with your students [4:44]
  • How to be authoritative in the classroom [5:04, 6:09, 7:15]
  • How to be caring towards your students [7:40, 8:06, 8:49, 10:03, 10:57]
  • Why it’s important to introduce yourself to your students [13:47]
  • Segment: Potent Quotables [15:58]
  • How this week’s quote has multiple connections to education [16:40]
  • Like what you’ve heard? Review us on iTunes, take our 2-minute survey, or send us a teaching question to [17:42]
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