Teaching Resources

Your job as a high school teacher should be less stressful, less overwhelming, and (dare we say it) fun! We’ve got teaching resources for you, whether you’re an auditory or visual learner:

5×5 Starter Kit

Our Teacher Tactics 5×5 Starter Kit is a 15-page PDF document that gives you our favorite strategies for the things that matter most, including: how to cut your marking time in half (while still giving helpful feedback to students), how to effortlessly deal with difficult students in a positive way, creative and customizable lesson hooks, brain breaks to refocus your class, and self-care tactics to find balance and perspective.

Get the 5×5 Starter Kit.

Mindfulness Kit

Bring mindfulness into the classroom with this collection of 15+ resources, including Mindful Minute videos, mindfulness scripts , background noise to reduce distractions, and sounds of bells to begin or end your mindfulness practice.

Get the Mindfulness Kit.