About Colin + Michelle

We’re high school teachers who want to help you make teaching less stressful, more fulfilling, and fun.

We have experience working full-time, working on temporary contracts, and substitute teaching, with students from Grade 8 to 12, and subjects including English, Math, Business, Photography, and Career Preparation.


My first teaching contract was a classic “dog’s breakfast” that included teaching seven different preps, including one period where three (very different) courses were put together in the same room, at the same time. (Not just a split class, a split/split/split class!) I’m focused on maintaining a work/life balance while still giving my students the time and attention that they need to be successful.

Over the course of my teaching career, I’ve has had the opportunity to co-author a textbook, sing educational songs on YouTube, and present my teaching story at a Pecha Kucha event. Say hi to me on Twitter: @colindodds


I’m an English teacher by training…currently teaching zero English courses. Instead, I teach senior electives like Photography, Animation, Digital Media, Yearbook, and Graphic Design at an inner city high school. Teaching outside of my subject area has been challenging but rewarding. I’m focused on finding integrity within the subject matter of my new courses and on building relationships with my students so that I can stay connected to the heart of teaching and remain passionate about what I do.

When I’m not teaching, I take photographs as the head honcho at Bishop & Lind Wedding Photography.

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Hear more about our teaching story by listening to our interview on the Teaching Experience Podcast, where we talk about how we started in the teaching profession (along with some of our favorite teaching resources).

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